Dangerous Goods Safety Advice

Are you involved in any of the below tasks in regards to dangerous goods?
  • Preparing for Transport
  • Consigning
  • Loading
  • Carrying

We Are Your Trusted Safety Advisor!

RADCaT Ltd have Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors on hand with many years’ experience dealing with all classes of dangerous goods. We can help you navigate through the minefield that is;

  • ADR (Transport via the Road) Regulations.
  • IMDG Code (Sea Transport.)
  • Any Other Mode of Transport.

We will provide you with an initial assessment that will identify all the areas that you are compliant and non-compliant. Following that, we are then able to offer advice that is tailored to your specific needs. Our DGSA’s are very supportive and will be there to offer any help and assistance on your journey to becoming fully compliant.

So, How Will We Help Your Business?

We can act as your DGSA and work alongside you to ensure that you are fully aware of all rules and regulations in relation to the products you manufacture or carry (or both!)

Incident regulations can be swiftly carried out at your request. We offer an ongoing advisory and monitoring role to all our retained clients.

From Hauliers to Chemical Companies, Paint Manufacturing to Agriculture – Our Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors can cater to all types of business!

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