Human Resources and Employment Law

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If you are looking for specialist HR advice or employment law advice, then look no further than RADCaT Ltd. We are based in Wigan but cover all over the UK.

Do I need Human Resources and Employment Law Support?

There is a requirement by law to provide;

    • A contract of employment and as a minimum a disciplinary and grievance policy.

Incorrect procedures or failing to provide a contract of employment, any employment policies or a job description can cause serious damage to your business.

The legal repercussions of getting it wrong, specifically when a dismissal occurs can be;

  • Basic Award – 15,750 (1st April 2019)
  • Compensatory Award – £86,444 (1st April 2019)
  • Also, an award of up to 90 day’s pay where no contracts or job descriptions are in place.

Costs of ending up in employment tribunal can add up, not just in your own time – but that of the legal representatives supporting you.

How will our consultants assist you and your business needs?

At RADCaT Ltd we take a risk-based approach to Human Resource and Employment Law Services. This means we will discuss with you the best possible options to achieve your goals, without ending up in any legal disputes.

We do this through a range of services. The services we offer are not exhaustive and can be suited and adapted to your specific requirements.

We will set an initial meeting so we can thoroughly understand your business. We will also be on-hand throughout to discuss any challenges you have faced or any current issues you are experiencing. This will help us gage where your business is now and how you want it to grow in the future in terms of people management and employment law.

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