The training will look specifically at:

A hazardous material is any solid, liquid, or gas that can harm people, other living organisms, property, or the environment. Hazardous materials (hazmat) may beradioactive, flammable, explosive, toxic,corrosive, biohazardous, an oxidizer, anasphyxiant, a pathogen, an allergen, or mayhave other characteristics that render ithazardous in specific circumstances.

The training will look specifically at:
· The ADR Regulations.
· Class specific overview.
· Marking and Labelling of packages.
· Documentation requirements.
· Emergency response information.

The staff who can attend can be of any level from Administration through to managers.This training is NOT for the drivers of the transportation vehicles. Effective training is an essential element of any competency framework and this is no exception. The trainer will guide staff through the legal requirements to ensure that the company are fully complying with the ADR Legislation. Whilst these events are rare it is prudent for companies to ensure staff receive adequate training that will help to reduce these accidents and even fatalities. This course aims to provide staff with the underpinning skills required to carry out hazard identification and risk assessments according to organisation policy.